Inovation in Dental    X-Rays Devices 


All of XDENT X- ray device is made in accordance to the International Standards IEC- 60601, and all of them are registered at INMETRO (National Standards for Industrialized Products) and also certified as a BPF (Good practices on manufacturing) by ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency).

***** Product register at ANVISA 80422150001 *****

Dental X- Rays

  • Raios X Odontológico Coluna Móvel

    Dental X- Ray – Mobile Column

    This is the ideal product for who needs mobility. The X-Ray device can be moved easily in the office.

  • Raios X Odontológico Fixo no Piso

    Dental X- Ray Fixed to the floor

    The option for a model fixed to the floor assures more firmness in use. With the pantographic arms the device mobility is guaranteed.

  • Raios X Odontológico Fixo Parede

    Dental X – Rays fixed to the wall

    This model is ideal for who has little space and wants to use the wall as a foundation to fix the X-Ray device.